About Us

Equitable Engineering was initially formed in 1952 and purchased by Anthony Pasko in 1973. His son Randy Pasko is currently the President and Engineering Manager. As a family owned and operated business for over 42 years Equitable Engineering and has an extraordinary legacy of Engineering and Manufacturing excellence of gears, splines and curvic couplings for the Aerospace and Defense Industry. Equitable Engineering has produced flight critical hardware for every major domestic aerospace engine manufacturer including NASA. Equitable Engineering resides conveniently in Troy, Michigan, minutes from I-75.

The Equitable Engineering Management Team is dedicated exceptional levels Engineering, Quality, Responsiveness, Customer Satisfaction, and Business Development as defined in our aggressive Strategic Planning Process and our core values:

People are the source of our strength. Employee health and safety, teamwork, involvement and education are our core values.

Products are the end result of our teamwork. The quality of our products must meet or exceed the customer expectations and requirements.

Costs are the ultimate measure of how efficiently we provide customers with the products they need. A competitive cost advantage is necessary to survive and grow.

Integrity is not to be compromised. It is imperative that the conduct of our company be pursued in a manner that is socially responsible and commands respect from its employees, customers and surrounding community.